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Get blog for your business

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Business blogging is no longer a mere add on to your website. It is a powerful business tool that can help you build your following, reinforce your brand, bring new customers and many more.

It does require frequent updates, but if you choose to blog daily, weekly or monthly is entirely up to you.  It is now easier and much cheaper to get started, as content management systems (CMS) are much more accessible now – with industry leading software, WordPress, being even available for free!

If you are comfortable with trying new things, head on to the and download the software, install it and get blogging. If you have any questions we are happy to help.

However, if you are lost among FTP, PHP, CSS and have no idea what ‘the loop’ is – we offer affordable, hands-off solution – where you choose color scheme and layout, your domain name and than we design, set up and manage all technicalities for you. All you do is write about your wonderful company!

Options start from £49.49 per month and the website blog is a standalone website with it’s own domain (www address) or if you wish it will be attached to your current website. attweb_GETBLOG

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