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Web Presence Consulting

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Web Presence Consulting Package gives you answers if:

  • You know you have to have a website, but you want to know where to start.
  • You got a website, but it’s not really making you money.
  • You want to know how can you advertise your business online.
  • You got a question that have ‘my business’ and ‘online’ bundled together.

When you want to make your business a success on the web – start with the Business Presence Consulting package.

Web Presence Consulting package includes your website analysis if you already have one, or a key requirements report if you just thinking about getting it.

We will discuss your expectations and sketch a simple to follow plan to enhance your web relationship with clients.

You will also receive report detailing what’s rocking about your site, what you should show off more and how you can get more customers right now!

You can e-mail Marta to let her know you want it.

You get 1 hour consulting session, Business Presence Report results and recommendations checklist and it’s only £197

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