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Looking for comprehensive, all-in-one marketing package?

A lot of my clients were asking for a local SEO package that didn’t involve monthly contract but rather give a kick start to establish rankings during busy season.

This package takes it step further, combining long term content marketing strategy, including organic SEO and blog with a immediate boost of social activity to get you clients, not just rankings.


Organic SEO Business Authority Booster package – £497

(usually £697, save £200 in July!)

(6 weeks campaign)




Business Authority Booster Package Includes:

  • Introductory Marketing Strategy Session & Keyword Research (£120 worth)
  • Content Marketing and SEO
    • optimising your Google+ Local, company FB page and Twittter profile (£160)
    • 6 optimised Blog posts (300-400 words) (£180)
    • 4 in depth articles (450-650 words) (£240)
    • includes branded and optimised graphics, ready to share on social media (10x £10 per image)
    • local link building campaign (£250)
  • Comprehensive report and recommendations checklist (£120)


Are you tired of wasting time and money on marketing tactics without strategy?

Let’s talk how to put it all together and get you more happy clients:

call 0778 444 9051 or email me marta @



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[Expired] Mother’s Day Campaign Fri, 21 Feb 2014 13:14:34 +0000 Rapid Response Acquisition Campaign to Get More Paying […]

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Rapid Response Acquisition Campaign

to Get More Paying Clients Fast


  • Strategy Session worth £197
  • Organic SEO: Local business package worth £497
  • Social media profiles updates  £197
  • Email Campaign design & set-up £497
  • Graphic design for online and in-store promotions £197

All those services are worth £1585 if bought separately , but order early and save £1000!

  • 21st-28th February orders: £497
  • 1st-7th March orders: £997
  • 7th – 14th March orders: £1497

All articles, blog posts, new offers and press releases are SEO optimised and integrated with social media for greater exposure and natural, organic growth of your SEO rankings. In fact, it’s worth to take part of the campaign for the organic SEO package alone, effectively getting rest of services free!

Interested? Send me an email: Marta or call 07784449051 to save £1000 on this fab marketing package!

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FREE DIY SEO for local business owners Thu, 06 Feb 2014 11:57:15 +0000 Ranking high on Google became a number one on business […]

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Ranking high on Google became a number one on business owners to do list – and understandably so – Google commands almost 90% of UK market share and is the most popular search engine in the world. Being on first page of Google often translates into a steady stream of customers – even if your business is local. Right now, being local actually makes it into advantage – you have considerably less competition to fight against!

Because there is such a huge demand on SEO services for business websites, loads of companies sprung up literally overnight offering various SEO services: SEO link building, SEO copywriting, SEO website optimisation, and many more variants of what is supposed to produce one result – coveted first page of Google for your business.

organic SEO guide for local business

But not everybody can be first – and that is the basis of Google business model. If you don’t have organic rankings – you can pay for Google Ads and be on first page. They are often called PPC – Pay Per Click ads, because you pay a small amount every time someone clicks on your link in that ad. And those clicks quickly add up.

Just like in a real world, you are not the only one offering your type of product or service, so naturally there is a competition to fight against. The first position listing for popular keywords often gets nearly all of the traffic. Page 4 clicks are nearly non existent, Google itself doesn’t often display more than 10 pages of results (click through and check yourself).

That’s why competition is so fierce – nearly all the profit is on that first page. And that’s why there is so many companies specializing in achieving high rankings as an alternative to I’ll build it and hope they’ll come strategy.

With local SEO being far less competitive than national / global it is much easier to rank high.

After building several websites for the local clients I have found out that just optimising the website properly nearly guarantees front page results.

Successfully achieving coveted first page of Google  is not really that hard with a little bit of effort. Because with every web design or website makeover project I usually include either basic or full Organic SEO package, clients can see results first hand within the first 30 days.

Websites built with WordPress are extremely SEO friendly and that’s why it’s my primary choice for developing local websites.

So why using WordPress (WP) is so beneficial for local business websites?

WP was built as a blogging platform.
It means that is built for easy publishing, sharing and ranking.

When used a CMS, Content Management System, main content of the site is built utilizing pages, but it also offers a built in functionality of a blog as standard. And in case you are wondering how is that relevant? Blogs are great for SEO.

Blogs in their nature highlight freshly written content, additionally, WP ‘pings’ when new content is added, which essentially means notifies search engines that the site was updated.

BEWARE: If you ever bought a web hosting you were probably kindly offered to submit your site to search engines. The fee for this service varies, depending on how bold the providers is – usually between £50 and £250. If you use this service, there is a real chance your website get sandboxed and won’t be indexed to show up on Google for quite some time, people reported 6mths + in some cases.

Again, why do you care? Well, WP does it for you automatically and for free. 99% of the websites I have installed were indexed by Google within a week. I am not saying that to boast my superior web design skills – you can buy domain, hosting and install WordPress for free within 15 min. I follow a quick optimisation checklist to enhance the raw installation, but all the functionality is there for you, if you want to have a go.

One add-on that is a must for local business website that wants to rank high is -with free version available- SEO plugin by Joost.

Installing and properly configuring just this one plugin will give you 80% better chance of ranking high in Google.

I worked with ultra local businesses – like grocery and coffee shops, with small service based businesses and big engineering industry sites – they all benefited from this set up, which you could do yourself.

Improving your local SEO is really not as complicated, is just time consuming – depending on your competition, of course. The competition determines if you going to get high rankings off the bat and basic optimisation is all you need, or do you require advanced techniques.

The primary principle is that you need to have a website worth linking to
for a greater chance of achieving and maintaining good rankings.

FREE DIY SEO for Local Business Owners:

I would say, no harm in trying the basic local SEO optimisation for free first:

Step 1. Website build on WP, so you have unlimited pages, blog and you can maintain it yourself easily, eventually WordPress blog added to your existing site – takes about an hour, if you have all the text ready to add. The installation itself takes about 5 min – but than you have to add text, decide on theme (design) etc.

Step 2. SEO plugin by Yoast - installing and configuring – 30 min for average small business site (less than 10 pages)

Step 3. Installing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools – the basic set up requires just to sign up to your account and than copy/paste a piece of code. When you are ready to delve deeper – you will have collected raw data to start with

Step 4. Optimising your Google Local listing - about 15 min, if you have your text, videos and photos already branded and optimised.

Step 5. Regular maintenance  and updates - between 15min to 8hrs a week (depending on how proficient you are at producing content for your blog. It takes 15 min per week to optimize your content, but producing content takes as much time as you give it – some people can write great article in an hour (it took 90 min for me to write this one, it has over 1000 words and custom graphics), some can record a video within 30 min or you can upload pictures gallery and write descriptions within couple minutes. On the other hand, you could spend well over 40hrs to produce comprehensive report or whitepaper, just like as I did when writing my Organic SEO guide.

The professional set-up, like the service I provide, would include a custom design for your blog, so it seamlessly integrates with your main site and stays on brand, optimised site architecture and navigation, to improve customer experience (and SEO), optimising and branding your photos. The advanced set up is much more involved, and the main benefit to you is that is much easier for you to maintain it and you avoid a lot of technical details – i.e.:  I don’t know how to build a car, but I know how to drive.

Blogging is not only about articles, it can include podcasts, photos, videos – the crucial element is to set a regular schedule and stick to it. Blogging couple times a day for most small, local businesses is pointless. After all you should be busy working on your business, focusing on paid work, not writing a blog.

I think, for most business owners the optimum is to write weekly – it’s not too much to overwhelm your customers, but just enough to keep on top of their minds. Is not too much to burn you out as well – I know it’s one more thing added to your to do list, but it pays ten-fold. You get more SEO juice, more search engine traffic, more visitors to stay on your site and engage – an overall win, as well as providing indirect benefits like building the brand awareness and shortening sale cycle.

If you find it all confusing, I have wrote an easy (and free!) 7 part course that can get you started with optimising your website, beginning with a comprehensive report highlighting what tactics to avoid in 2014,  post Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird update.

The main problem with SEO is that it takes time – but according to 80/20 principle, 20% of the effort yields 80% of the profit, so the course covers 7 easy wins, that you can implement quickly in the next couple days.

Sign up to receive your FREE 7 part local SEO course and you can download How to rank high safely report immediately!

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2014 Organic SEO Guide Wed, 05 Feb 2014 15:09:03 +0000 Organic SEO Guide: How to rank high (safely) and avoid […]

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Organic SEO Guide:

How to rank high (safely) and avoid Google Penalty for Your Local Business Website



I sincerely hope you will never find yourself staring with horror at your laptop screen with your website nowhere to be found – either de-indexed (removed completely) or severely penalized, pushed down to last page of search engine results.

ethical seo for local business websites

However, Google penalty can happen to you – by mistake, misinformation, competition attack or even through no apparent fault of your own. You could be taken for a ride by unethical SEO or acted on advice of someone, who didn’t fully understand how search engines work.

And if you violate Google guidelines in your effort to win the race to first page your local business website will be gone from their index or buried in a virtual sandbox. But without SEO, your website is unlikely to show up on first page of results. That’s why optimizing your website is a first crucial step in gaining high position in search engine results.


Why I’m not #1 on Google?
The simple answer: because somebody else is.

SEO is a race against your competition.

If you stand still and do nothing – somebody else is going to win the 90% of the traffic search engines send. And the traffic Google sends is huge 90% of the UK market.

But SEO is expensive, time consuming – and let’s be honest, 90% of it is endless, tedious work.

Building links, optimising pages, analysing data – who has time to learn all of that?

But buying links in bulk could put you on Google most wanted list – and submitting to search engines is just a waste of time and money. Those are just random tactics, and they produce random – or no results.

What you need is a solid foundation – an organic SEO strategy, that starts with optimizing your website and than choosing the right methods of gaining traffic, that will work together and deliver results for your local business.

WHITE HAT SEO, OR HOW NOT TO GET OUTLAWED FROM GOOGLE TOWNGet educated local seo guide for small business owners

Most business owners are aware they need SEO services – but they are often shocked to find out they have paid for something – like submitting their site to 1000 directories – that actually hurt their rankings.
Building links is the most popular SEO service offered – yet recent Google updates: Panda, Penguin, and latest Hummingbird adjusted the algorithm to recognize if the links are gained naturally – or using mass submitting tools. You could potentially waste your money on outdated, no longer effective methods.

That’s why I put together this guide to organic, ethical SEO, so you can avoid the most common mistakes that can cost you your website – because if you violate Google guidelines your website will be penalized – pushed down in rankings so low, no one will ever finds you again.

In this guide you will find out:

  • Why making your website look pretty can actually hurt your business and how to make it pretty profitable instead
  • How to avoid common social media mistake that hurts your site traffic (
  • How can you avoid and survive Google penalty? (Yes, it can be done!)
  • 7 Simple do’s and dont’s to keep your website rankings safe


This guide is written specifically for busy local business owners, who are short on time and are conscious of their budget.

Subscribe to my mailing list to receive this important guide to Organic SEO immediately:

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[EXPIRED] Get Salon Website for Christmas! Wed, 20 Nov 2013 13:47:46 +0000   L(a)unch Your Salon Website Join me at 12:15, on […]

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L(a)unch Your Salon Website

Join me at 12:15, on Wednesday 27th November, at Barbicans Coffee Shop – and learn how to set up website for your business the right way -

all during your lunch hour

(and no, it won’t cost the earth, in fact, it will cost you less than a price of the launch to get started!

I am organizing Christmas Marketing Workshop for Hair and Beauty Professionals next week, on Wednesday 27th at 9:15 at Barbicans Coffee House, Edgeley. When inviting salon owners one issue kept cropping up – most of the hair and beauty salons, nevermind mobile hairdressers and nail technicians, still didn’t come around to set up a professional website. All those ladies (and occasional gentlemen) have very often beautiful, well kept Facebook pages and Twitter profiles. They post competitions, offers, amazing photos of their work – they are doing it right, engaging their customers and presenting their offers in non obtrusive way. They have many ‘likes’ and comments from delighted customers. Yet, I keep seeing the same 3 critical mistakes that cripple the growth of their business:

  1. they don’t have a simple link to their website.
  2. They use free e-mail account – like Hotmail or Gmail.
  3. last of – they do not collect e-mail addresses of their customers.


If you are one of the salon owners that was running successfully your business without website, email and email list manager: consider not how much your website is going to cost you – but how much NOT having the professional set up is costing your business already.

  1. How many clients would try to find your website – but what if your competitors website showed up instead?
  2. How many people found your Facebook page – but lost interest, because they couldn’t check your prices on your website?
  3. How many people came to your salon once or twice – but never became a regular customer?

  There are only 3 base elements to professional salon website that would actually help grow your business (and no, they don’t cost the earth!):

  1. Get clean, easy to navigate design – including prominently displayed phone number, opening hours and price list page, which is one of the most popular pages on the salon website.
  2. Make it SEO friendly (so it’s easier to rank higher in search engine results) and have Responsive layout depending on device. (you might have seen ads and receive offers for mobile design – don’t go for it. Because people are now accessing your website on variety of devices  laptops, tablets and mobiles – you need RESPONSIVE website – which means, it adjust the display according to size of the screen.)
  3.  Add professional e-mail list manager, (I use and recommend Aweber) to collect e-mails of your customers directly from your website and Facebook page – and than automatically add them into database, include in a specific list, send scheduled offers and monthly newsletters.

Many salon owners are really busy running their business – so they put off setting up the website for ‘later’, thinking that it either take a lot of time or cost a lot of money (or both) – and understandably, they are not overjoyed of the prospect, so that task is getting lower and lower on their ‘to do’ list.

That’s why I invite 6 salon owners, who still don’t have a website and want to set it up as cost-effectively as possible to spend their launch hour with me and come out with a new, professional website – that will actually make them money,  instead of being an unwanted expense!

After only an hour (give or take 15 minutes, as there is Q&A session after) you will have:

1. Hosting and professional domain name: example: (provider charges apply, you can start for as little as £25 per year)

2. Professional email address: (free with above)

3. WordPress CMS – free content managing system, that is extremely SEO friendly installed, including special SEO plugins that let’s you manage your SEO in less than a minute per page (or 2 min, depending how quickly you type) – with a professional theme starting at free to modest £50 including support.

4. Integrated list building form from Aweber (you can start for just $1)  to start collecting e-mails and send offers immediately.

This L(A)UNCH YOUR WEBSITE workshop is for new clients only, that don’t have a website at all at the moment:

it’s free to attend but limited to 6-12 people only.

I do not charge for the workshop, however service provider fees apply (for your hosting, domain name, theme design, e-mail list manager etc). Whenever possible I will find promotional codes for you to get the products and services even more cost effective.

To apply for your place, send me an email at with a subject line: Website Launch Workshop.

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Christmas Marketing Checklist for Hair and Beauty Salons Mon, 18 Nov 2013 15:03:06 +0000   Could adding ONE thing to your website bring an […]

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Could adding ONE thing to your website bring an extra £1000 this Christmas?

Christmas lights are already lit up in shopping centres, big companies are already launching their festive TV ads, but many salon owners are still not sure how to grow their business this holiday season.

There is so many options to choose from, starting with traditional media like newspaper ads to free marketing channels like Facebook and other social media sites, and everything in between. But dressing up your window, printing leaflets and advertising your gift cards on Facebook page are only one part of the equation.

After all, what you want is to catch as much as possible of Christmas Rush and divert those customers to your salon for hair and beauty treats, you want your clients to buy gift cards for their friends (new clients for you, yay!) but most of all, you want them all to come back in January and every other month of the year.

Holiday season is the perfect time to review your business marketing and sales model, to make sure you are not losing customers due to something stupidly simple like wrong phone number in your ads (believe me, it happens to all of us!) or losing out on extra £1000 each month by neglecting to send your monthly newsletter.

  1. When was the last time you updated offers on your website?
  2. Is your address, phone number and email correctly displayed on all online and printed materials?
  3. Have you prepared special Christmas Packages – with scrumptious names and enticing descriptions especially for Holiday season?
  4. Have you prepared the Christmas edition of your newsletter ?
  5. Have you updated your Facebook cover photo? (there are guidelines to follow, but you can actually use your cover as and giant ad!)
  6. Have you prepared your gift vouchers and gift baskets for sale? (Hint: include a small gift voucher for services with retail gift baskets, to introduce customers to your services, as they are often passed onto friends and family)
  7. Want more ideas? Sign up to our Business Attitude Newsletter to receive full Christmas Marketing Checklist for Salons in ready to print format:


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Christmas Marketing Workshop for Hair and Beauty Professionals Mon, 18 Nov 2013 14:43:58 +0000 Top promotional tips, tools and checklist for a profitable festive season: Christmas marketing ideas for hair and beauty salons.

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Could adding ONE thing to your website bring an extra £1000 this Christmas?


Growing your business takes a lot of effort – don’t make it hard on yourself and make sure that for every new client that you bring into your salon, you have a follow up process in place – a phone call, text message reminder, email newsletter.

Each offer you create should be part of your ongoing client retention programme, so when customers share your offer among friends, the process of actually keeping the new client is at least in part automated. Email campaigns are brilliant for this, because once you build your list you can schedule offers in advance but also send last minute promotions easily. They are a perfect tool for keeping in touch with the clients, as they are very cost effective and once your system is set up,  spending less than 1hr a month on your newsletter can help you keep 40% more clients.

If you would like a helping hand with crafting your Christmas offer and find out how to get free campaign set up (including seasonal designs) worth £295 –  please join us in live workshop held on 27th November:


Join us at 7 Steps to Perfect Christmas Offer – Rapid Response Marketing Workshop for Hair and Beauty Professionals
and take advantage of the FREE Christmas Campaign set up offer: worth £295!

Date: 27th November, time: 9:15 – 11:15
Venue: Barbicans Coffee House, 4 Castle Street, Edgeley, Stockport SK3 9AB

 Please register your seat here:

and you will also receive free copy of the accompanying workbook and our free Business Attitude Newsletter:

7 Steps to Make Your Offer More Profitable & Get More Happy Clients (Christmas 2013 Edition).

Eventbrite - 7 Steps to Perfect Christmas Offer: Marketing Workshop for Salons

Due to the limited availability of the bonus Christmas Campaign set up package,

this workshop is limited to 12 Attendees only, we strongly advise to book early to avoid disappointment!

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Business Attitude Makeover Project Wed, 27 Mar 2013 14:12:51 +0000 How the Business Attitude Makeover Project Works What i […]

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How the Business Attitude Makeover Project Works

What if you could work less at your advertising but

bring more clients and make more money from each promotion?

Would you like to grow your business under budget?

Let us show you how!

Business Attitude Makeover Project is specifically designed to help very small businesses grow, with actionable reports, workbooks and weekly emails that tell you exactly what to do right now to get the best results from what you got. It also shows you how to improve your business by identifying the best opportunities for increasing profits; implementing, testing and refining marketing strategies, and helping in creating effective, targeted campaigns that give you the best possible return on your investment.

Business Attitude Makeover Project shows you how to improve your very small business, because general advice for ‘small’ businesses with £1mln annual turnover simply won’t work for nail technician, mobile hairdresser or childminder. The marketing program for a lawyer or insurance broker with a client value of let’s say £5000 each is by default completely different than a strategy for personal trainer or life coach with handful of clients.

But even if you have only a very small, personal business, you still want it to grow and flourish.

So the next question would be:

How to grow your business under budget?

Growing your business on a budget is a challenge in itself, what if we could show you how to grow it without the need for expensive advertising?

3 Ways to Grow
There may be a hundreds different ways to advertise and promote your business

but there are only 3 ways to make it grow:

1. Get more Clients

Getting new clients is the must to grow your business, but it’s also usually the most expensive way of increasing the profit in your business.
Attracting brand new clients often amounts to trying different tactics, as newspaper and radio ads or leafleting, but as is not organised into an overall strategy, its results are considered hard to measure, unpredictable and costly.
We’ll show you ways to win new clients, using carefully targeted messages delivered directly to those who can benefit and appreciate what you have to offer. You’ll have help creating essential marketing pieces that really “speak” to your potential clients, including:

Website – that turns visitors into actual clients eager to book with you.
Referral Offers – that inspire your existing customers to share their experience with their family and friends and refer them to you as ready to buy prospects
Online Adverts – that change the ‘clicks and traffic’ into people interested in your services
Strategic Communication Calendar – that let you keep in touch with prospective clients; ensuring that it’s you they call when they’re ready to buy.
Email Marketing Campaigns – that deliver your offers and messages instantly and cost-effectively.

2. Get clients to buy more often

If your average customer books with you, say, 10 times a year, imagine the effect of winning just one extra “sale” from each – a 10% instant increase in turnover.
With the Business Attitude Makeover Project, you’ll learn how to implement strategies that will increase customer loyalty, without the headache and cost of elaborate membership programs.

We’ll help you with newsletters, easy loyalty schemes, and special offers that create real and measurable profits, and keep your customers coming back to you again and again – but don’t cost you the earth.

3. Get clients to spend more

When you are struggling to get clients, raising your rates is the last thing on your mind. You are afraid to charge what you think you’re really worth, in case you will lose all the customers you worked so hard to get! You set your prices lower than competition, because it seems the only way to get anybody to spend any money these days.

But that means missing out on huge opportunity! By educating your customers to the real value of what you offer, you’ll be able to charge the price you want, and still keep your business ahead of the rest. Or course, you may have some customers who only choose you because you’re “cheapest” – but you’ll be able to hand them over to your competitors as they scramble for low margin deals, while you focus your efforts on those clients who are prepared to pay a premium for a product or service that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.

Remember, most people value experience you deliver more than actual price – and those clients are the ones that will come to you more often and refer others to you, enabling your business to grow and flourish.

The Numbers

Take a look at the sums below:
10 clients x 10 sales each @ £100 = £10,000 turnover
11 clients x 11 sales each @ £110 = £13,310 turnover

If you can gain even a 10% increase in your client base (more clients), your purchase frequency (buying more often), and the average value of a sale (buying more), you’ll see a 33.1% increase in your turnover! By multiplying little effort in each area your combined result is not so little anymore.

Over the following months, you’ll learn how to create sales letters, email campaigns, web pages, internet advertising, flyers, referral schemes, reactivation strategies, newsletters and on-going communications with your clients and prospects to attack all 3 disciplines in order to maximise the return on your investment.

Of course not every strategy works for every business, but by carefully measuring the impact of each, we can weed out the ones that don’t, refine those that do, and roll out the most successful time and again to boost your profits whenever you need it.

Join the Business Attitude Makeover Project Today!

And learn how to grow your business under budget

If you’re looking for exciting ways to make your marketing work; to get better results from your business; to grow, make more profit, and have more time to yourself… here’s how to get started!

Joining the Business Attitude Makeover Project couldn’t be simpler.

Here’s how it works:
Apply for membership here and tell us you want to make your marketing work.

Right there and then, you will receive your initial Action Plan workbook.

It will help you to describe in detail about your goals for the business. We’ll look at what marketing you’ve tried already; what’s worked and what hasn’t… and we’ll identify the very best opportunities for you to get where you want to go.
Based on your answers we’ll put together your Action Plan Map, detailing exactly what we’ll be working on, when, and what results you can expect to achieve.
Over the following months, we’ll show you how to create, test, measure and implement a host of marketing systems that will help you maximise performance in 3 key areas:

• Acquiring new customers
• Nurturing your prospects to a sale
• Keeping your customers loyal for longer, and spending more money!

To receive your Action Plan workbook, apply here and tell us that you want to make your marketing work.
We look forward to welcoming you onto the Business Attitude Makeover Project.

Please note: Membership is not open yet, to register interest please sign up to receive our Start+Grow Newsletter

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