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[EXPIRED] Get Salon Website for Christmas!

[EXPIRED] Get Salon Website for Christmas!

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L(a)unch Your Salon Website

Join me at 12:15, on Wednesday 27th November, at Barbicans Coffee Shop – and learn how to set up website for your business the right way -

all during your lunch hour

(and no, it won’t cost the earth, in fact, it will cost you less than a price of the launch to get started!

I am organizing Christmas Marketing Workshop for Hair and Beauty Professionals next week, on Wednesday 27th at 9:15 at Barbicans Coffee House, Edgeley. When inviting salon owners one issue kept cropping up – most of the hair and beauty salons, nevermind mobile hairdressers and nail technicians, still didn’t come around to set up a professional website . All those ladies (and occasional gentlemen) have very often beautiful, well kept Facebook pages and Twitter profiles. They post competitions, offers, amazing photos of their work – they are doing it right, engaging their customers and presenting their offers in non obtrusive way. They have many ‘likes’ and comments from delighted customers. Yet, I keep seeing the same 3 critical mistakes that cripple the growth of their business:

  1. they don’t have a simple link to their website.
  2. They use free e-mail account – like Hotmail or Gmail.
  3. last of – they do not collect e-mail addresses of their customers.


If you are one of the salon owners that was running successfully your business without website, email and email list manager: consider not how much your website is going to cost you – but how much NOT having the professional set up is costing your business already.

  1. How many clients would try to find your website – but what if your competitors website showed up instead?
  2. How many people found your Facebook page – but lost interest, because they couldn’t check your prices on your website?
  3. How many people came to your salon once or twice – but never became a regular customer?

There are only 3 base elements to professional salon website that would actually help grow your business (and no, they don’t cost the earth!):

  1. Get clean, easy to navigate design – including prominently displayed phone number, opening hours and price list page, which is one of the most popular pages on the salon website.
  2. Make it SEO friendly (so it’s easier to rank higher in search engine results) and have Responsive layout depending on device. (you might have seen ads and receive offers for mobile design – don’t go for it. Because people are now accessing your website on variety of devices  laptops, tablets and mobiles – you need RESPONSIVE website – which means, it adjust the display according to size of the screen.)
  3. Add professional e-mail list manager , (I use and recommend Aweber ) to collect e-mails of your customers directly from your website and Facebook page – and than automatically add them into database, include in a specific list, send scheduled offers and monthly newsletters.

Many salon owners are really busy running their business – so they put off setting up the website for ‘later’, thinking that it either take a lot of time or cost a lot of money (or both) – and understandably, they are not overjoyed of the prospect, so that task is getting lower and lower on their ‘to do’ list.

That’s why I invite 6 salon owners, who still don’t have a website and want to set it up as cost-effectively as possible to spend their launch hour with me and come out with a new, professional website – that will actually make them money,  instead of being an unwanted expense!

After only an hour (give or take 15 minutes, as there is Q&A session after) you will have:

1. Hosting and professional domain name: example: (provider charges apply, you can start for as little as £25 per year)

2. Professional email address : Y [email protected] [email protected] (free with above)

3. WordPress CMS – free content managing system, that is extremely SEO friendly installed, including special SEO plugins that let’s you manage your SEO in less than a minute per page (or 2 min, depending how quickly you type) – with a professional theme starting at free to modest £50 including support.

4. Integrated list building form from to start collecting e-mails and send offers immediately.

This L(A)UNCH YOUR WEBSITE workshop is for new clients only, that don’t have a website at all at the moment:

it’s free to attend but limited to 6-12 people only.

I do not charge for the workshop, however service provider fees apply (for your hosting, domain name, theme design, e-mail list manager etc). Whenever possible I will find promotional codes for you to get the products and services even more cost effective.

To apply for your place, send me an email at [email protected] with a subject line: Website Launch Workshop.

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