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Makeover Programme

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How to improve your marketing results

& transform your business in 90 days

with Website & Marketing Makeover Programme

Introducing: Website & Marketing Makeover Programme

Q: Is it for me?
A: It is for you, if you want to change your website marketing from expense into investment and transform your brochure (you know, read-only type) website into highly profitable, interactive marketing tool. And finally get some money out of it.

Beauty Spa Website Makeover

It’s for you if you want to start using social media to gain exposure and drive more traffic to your website, and ultimately, to your business. It’s for you if you do not want to waste your precious time figuring things out, and just want to dive into it and see results.
We show you where and how to start, take care of all technicalities like design, coding and set up and make sure you have a clear marketing plan to follow that is tailored specifically to your business.

Q: How my website would change after Makeover?
A: Your website after Makeover will:

1. Attract more customers while effortlessly building your brand
2. Make more of your visitors take immediate action and become clients
3. Keep your offerings fresh and up-to-date to increase repeat visits

And that’s only a start of the Website & Marketing Makeover programme!

In short, Makeover programme will help you with 3 key ingredients to growing your business:

Phase 1: Look professional – with tailored website, seamlessly integrated blog and custom social media profiles
Phase 2: Get noticed – with strategically planned and elegantly deployed Rapid Response campaigns
Phase 3: Attract more customers and clients – thanks to Business Attitude Strategy Sessions & Workshops

Q: What do I get exactly?

Strategy Session 1: How to set strategic foundation and develop your first Rapid Response campaign

During the opening session of the Makeover program you will plan and build efficient marketing system based on business growth principles and use of modern media channels for cost effectiveness. Together, we will discuss what is currently working for you and what could be improved. We will also talk about branding, USP, target demographic and other marketing staples but really what we will focus most is to how to communicate effectively the incredible value of your offer to customers who are prepared to pay a premium.

We will uncover your signature service, how to package it, price it and feature it for greatest impact. We will than centre your initial Rapid Response campaign around your signature service and deploy it at your most profitable customers to see immediate results.

And don’t worry, with this consulting package, all design, coding and set-up is included. No technical knowledge required.

Strategy Session 2: How to create highly profitable website

Second session will guide you through the process of changing your website into a profitable marketing tool and while we work on the design and functionalities you will learn how to use your new site and start your Social Media Affair.

What you get with attitude:BASE core business website package:

  • Content driven website to showcase your expertise and show off your business from the best perspective
  • Unlimited pages thanks to Content Management System (CMS) – with no extra cost
  • Built-in SEO optimisation for your search engine success
  • Lead Capture System to start growing your customer base immediately
  • Seamlessly integrated Blog & social media profiles so you can keep your customers informed and engaged AND coming back to your site
Strategy Session 3: How to increase repeat visits & purchases with scheduled Rapid Response Campaigns

You will learn a simple, but effective method to create goal-specific Rapid Response campaigns that deliver fast results to improve your cash-flow, increase referrals or just to introduce new service in a profitable way.

To take your marketing efforts further, you will also receive 12 monthly follow up care refresher workshops to grow your business and make it less time-consuming. They will help you coordinate your social media activities, turn your fans into clients and save time with specific tools and applications.

In addition to this, as part of the package The Makeover gives you fully-functional trial of Customer Focus Acquisition & Retention Program that is designed to amplify the results already achieved with Rapid Response Campaigns.

The Business Attitude Workshops will teach you how to run your own money-on-demand, highly efficient campaign schedule. And with “Makeover” Marketing Grant that covers up to 70% of the set up & running costs – what are you waiting for?

Beauty Spa Website Makeover

Q: How is this offer different from others on the market?
A: The Makeover package is unique in a way it combines the consulting advice, technical development and a year long after care training, so you are never left to figure it out on your own and we assist you all the way when you implement strategies and techniques.
The Makeover Programme is different, because it doesn’t involve traditional classroom style lectures. It’s very hands-on training system as you work with your own website, your own blog and build an actual, working marketing campaign that boosts your profits and brings you clients.
Not to forget, all design, coding and technical set up is included, too.

Q: What is duration of the program?
A: The first stage of Makeover program is designed to be completed within 4 to 6 weeks.
We understand that each business has different demands and time constrains, that’s why we allow for some flexibility in scheduling the strategy sessions. Individual workshops materials can be accessed easily online and studied at your own pace.
Please allow at least 1 week for each module and up to 1.5 hour for each strategy session/workshop.
The second stage consists of 12 monthly workshops that can be studied and implement at your own pace.

The investment in this excellent programme is partially funded for qualifying business owners operating in Greater Manchester area.
This means when you are accepted, much of the cost is already paid for.
The application is FREE and without obligation.
Once we receive your application someone will call you to discuss your eligibility, it’s that simple.

Please note: Programme is not open yet, to register interest please sign up for our Business Attitude newsletter

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